The elderly take a special place in our lives and the community. To take good care of them, most families will offer home-based care for their aged members. Some decide to take them to an assisted care facility. Whichever the case, the one crucial thing we should never miss to consider is home improvements for their home. At an advanced age, your loved ones need to be in a safe comfortable environment. Here are the reasons why you should make these improvements. 

Being Comfortable

The elderly need a comfy setting- a place where they can relax and enjoy a good book or a cup of tea. A comfortable setting is also important during the recovery process. Assisted care facilities know this very well. Good examples include using soft cushions, seats and couch sets.

Ease Of Movement

Try to picture going up a flight of long stairs. Only this time, you’re sixty years older. Worse still, you might be physically impaired. This is why home improvements are vital. Installing ramps, for instance, makes it easier for wheelchair access. Installing grip bars on walls and stair railings can also come in handy for the elderly. 

Reduce The Number Of Accidents

It goes without saying that the elderly are prone to self-injury and accidents. Slippery bathroom tiles, for example, can pose a high risk for elderly people. With home improvements, you can fix and readjust certain areas of your house. This decreases the number of accidents likely to happen.

These are many benefits that come with proactive care measures. It’s now time to look at some problem areas. For most home improvements, there are common places within the home that should be considered.


Bathroom floors are accident-prone zones. Not just for the elderly, but for the average person as well. Slippery tiles have less traction, making it likely for people to slip and fall.

You can treat the bathroom tiles with an anti slip-resistant. This raises the floor traction and makes it easier to walk. If you’ve placed tiles in the other rooms, it’s wise to apply this treatment throughout the house.

Simple activities, like sitting on the toilet bowel or getting up can also be a challenge. Installing grab bars can help your loved ones relieve themselves with ease.

Ensure Your Home Has Flat Walking Surfaces

Movement is the main theme when considering home improvements. You should ensure your home has no raised places. The elderly should only move when they have to. This limits unnecessary body movements and the risk of injury.

You can install ramps in areas with a staircase. The good thing is, there are portable ramps that you can use when the elderly need access. When they’re done, you can fold it up and store it away.

Levelling your floors is another option. This includes levelling places like the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. Levelled floors ensure there are no steps. It just doesn’t work for easier wheelchair access. If your old folks have arthritis, flat surfaces go a long way in easing their movement.

For more information on what improvements to make for the elderly, speak to a competent and reliable home renovation expert.

Please contact us with any questions or ideas. Let’s see where this takes us. And everyone please stay safe!