One of the more recent innovations to hit landscaping in recent years has been the ability to add a stunning driveway to a property for less cost and generally more quickly.

Resin driveways are fast overtaking the traditional method of block paving, because of the cost and also the minimal maintenance. 

I have struggled for years with the problem of weed growth on my block paved drives, it is a constant battle, and resin does away with all of that.

Another reason for the growth in popularity of resin has been as an overlay. For example, if you have an older tarmac drive that is cracking and looking tired, a resin drive can be laid right over the top, adding instant curb appeal and value.

Hard-surfacing your driveway adds functionality and appeal to your property. And the good thing today is you have many hard-surfacing options to choose from. Resin bound driveways have been the most common and preferred and we’ll show you why you should choose them for your home.

Generally, no other option will give you the same bang for your buck. Resin-bound surfaces are the full package. From permeability to slip resistance, Resin Bound surfaces have it all. 

Also, unlike concrete, resin bound surfaces are frost and UV resistant. As a result, they last longer and require little maintenance. It’s all about kerb appeal. A customised, resin bound driveway will give your home a personal touch. Not only will your property stand out, but it will also increase in value as well.

What’s more, top resin bound driveway experts only source the best stone from all over the country. You have the guarantee that their Resin Bound driveways are low maintenance and durable. 

Here are more reasons why you should upgrade to a resin bound driveway.


We all know that upgrading a driveway is not cheap. So is a Resin Bound driveway worth the investment? The answer is yes and here’s why. Unlike concrete and other hard-surfacing options, resin bound driveways are incredibly low maintenance. Plus, they are highly resistant to weeds, organic materials and elements. You can rest easy knowing your driveway will remain strong and appealing for many years.

Easy To Clean

Let’s face it, concrete driveways stains so easily and cleaning them can be so difficult. Petrol stains on concrete, for example, take a lot of effort to wash off. To add to this, weeds will grow underneath your driveway, causing it to crack. You can avoid such a situation by upgrading to a resin bound driveway. Dirt, scuffs and other marks can be easily cleaned using only a jet wash. The best part? Resin-bound driveways are resistant to undergrowth and weeds.

Permeable Surface

Don’t you hate puddles forming on your concrete driveway? Since concrete is non-permeable, it puts your home at risk. Water from heavy rains may not drain away, increasing the risk of flooding your home. You won’t have this problem with resin bound surfaces since the aggregate is permeable. This means the driveway allows water to drain through to the sub-base. 

There’s an added advantage to upgrading to a resin bound driveway. As long as you are constructing a permeable surface, you won’t need council permission. You can get started on your project as soon as you are ready. 

Easy To Maintain

Did you know that resin bound surfaces are UV resistant? With this quality, colour will remain consistent for many years. Also, a resin bound driveway is resistant to petrol and oil spills. These qualities make resin bound surfaces easy to maintain and manage. 

To conclude, we can clearly see that resin bound surfaces are a worthwhile investment. Not only are they easy to maintain but also durable. In addition, they are easy to maintain since the surface is neutral and easy to wash.  Get in touch with a resin bound driveway specialist today for a quote.

Please contact us with any questions or ideas. Let’s see where this takes us. And everyone please stay safe!